Come Discover the Blissful Feeling of Massage with therapist Laurie J. Freeman, LMT

Sessions and Rates


Restorative Massage: Relax and Renew: The Restorative Massage experience is just that. Laurie draws from over two decades of hands-on experience, releasing tension & inspiring the body to open and receive while restoring balance within.

30 Minutes- $55

60 Minutes- $85

90 Minutes-$125


Deep Tissue & Orthopedic Massage: This session consists of deep tissue &/or orthopedic massage for injuries & restrictions within the muscular system. This is a specialized massage treatment designed and oriented to your muscular needs and issues. If indicated, you will receive instruction for stretching and/or strengthening exercises to assist in long term relief.

30 Minutes-$55

60 Minutes-$85

90 Minutes-$125


The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®ATMAT®​ focuses on releasing tension from the core of our being, the belly. Centuries old techniques, brought to the US from Belize by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® help to balance displaced organs and renew the energy of the belly through hemodynamics & homeostasis.  ATMAT®​ can help to create balance in reproductive health & fertility. It helps to balance arterial and venous flow and increases lymphatic flow along with improving energy/chi. Both the abdominal region and lower back/sacral area receive treatment.  Clients are taught Self-Care to reap long term benefits of ATMAT®.  *Please note: When booking, if female, appts are best done between the end of the menses and 5 days prior to the onset of the next cycle.

Initial Session-$195

Follow-Up Session- $145 

**Classes are currently being offered to learn how to do The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® on yourself.**


CranioSacral TherapyTM (CST) is one of the most non-invasive techniques for bringing balance into the body.  CST addresses issues within the dural tube of the spinal column as well as other areas of the body, searching for and eliminating restrictions that limit proper movement.  CST is a subtle yet powerful therapy designed to bring your body, mind and spirit to a new level of health, awareness and peace. The session is completed while client is fully dressed.

30 Minutes-$55




For your convenience:  InHomeMassage Services are available, additional fees apply.

If interested, please call 603-630-6052 for more information.





If you have questions about the treatments, please call and any question you may have will be addressed.  


Laurie J Freeman, LMT





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