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Arvigo® Abdominal Therapy

IxChel, Maya Goddess of Healing

Ahhh, the Beautiful Belly.....Whether you appreciate your belly or not quite there yet, your belly just may hold the hidden key to your success in the emotional, physical, personal, professional, and spiritual realms. The journey with your belly is to bring you more into your Sacred Center. The abdominal therapy I offer is intended to lead you further on this path of self-discovery as the answers lie within.

As your guide, I bring a plethora of knowledge and techniques to our session that I have learned and experienced over the past many years. I've had the good fortune to train with Dr. Rosita Arvigo,  the extraordinary Marty Ryan, LMT, and as well as the traditional abdominal massage of Chi Nei Tsang.  Many of my treatments begin with Arvigo® Therapy as a way of creating better health for the mind, heart, and body we live, play and exist within.  During subsequent sessions, I integrate advanced abdominal techniques that are designed to increase the effectiveness of your sessions.

What is Arvigo® Therapy? These centuries old techniques were brought to the western world by Dr. Rosita Arvigo who studied with world renowned shaman, Don Elijio Panti. These specific techniques are used to help align & reposition organs, as well as to increase blood flow to the gut and to the entire pelvic region, effecting reproductive & digestive health.  Additionally, this work may well balance emotional health and promote overall functioning of the whole human body.

How Many Sessions are Needed?  We are each individuals, with different constitutions, habits, and lifestyles; therefore, sessions are tailored to your needs.  Many times, just 2 to 3 sessions are all it takes to help balance the organs and system.  If you are on a fertility journey, multiple sessions are often required.

Can I Massage My Own Belly? Yes, YOU can! One of the more outstanding aspects of this work is that you will learn how to do your own belly massage at home.  This means you have just upped your game in your own personal healing ability! You will have a rich takeaway which offers you personal empowerment in taking charge of your own health.  Research shows that those who do their home/self care belly massage are more likely to increase the rate of improvement, with greater results.  This is inspiring news!



Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?


Pelvic Organ Prolapses


Amenorrhea/Painful Menses/PMS






Bladder/Urinary Tract Infections     


Frequent Urination


Irritable Bowel Syndrome





HEMORRHOIDS/Varicose Veins

Headaches/Low Backaches/Tension 


Emotional Holding

BPH (Early Stages)      

Prostatitis (Mild)      

IMPOTENCE/ED (Depending on Cause)


Call for more details on how these sessions may be of benefit to you!  tel: 603-630-6052


About the founder of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy,®  Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN:

More than 40 years ago, Dr. Rosita Arvigo traveled to Mexico and then to Belize to deepen her studies pertaining to rainforest plant life.  There she met and apprenticed with the renowned Maya Shaman, Don Elijio Panti, for 10 years until his passing in 1996 at the age of 103. Through the years studying in these countries, Dr. Arvigo also met and trained with other healers and midwives, in particular Miss Hortence Robinson. Miss Hortence was a well-known herbal midwife, who taught Dr. Arvigo the traditional pregnancy care of Belize.  

It is from these two indigenous healers Dr. Rosita Arvigo learned from and in turn, combined her own knowledge of anatomy, physiology and naprapathy (study of muscles, ligaments, connective tissues) formulating and creating the The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. In 2000, Arvigo Institute, LLC was formed and has trained hundreds of healthcare professionals worldwide. In addition, Dr. Rosita Arvigo established Rainforest Remedies, preserving the ancient herbology of Belize whilst teaching local children the healing properties and value of the herbs which are native to their rainforest.  Rosita has worked closely with Dr. Michael Balik of The New York Botanical Garden, studying and documenting the healing properties of over 3,000 rainforest herbs. 


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