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Sessions and Rates

Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Therapy  helps to relieve tension in the core, and restore balance to digestion and reproductive health.  It moves and improves chi, blood, nerve, & lymphatic flows within the belly.  Both the belly and lower back/hip/sacral area receive hands on treatment.  Clients are taught how to do their own daily self-care massage, helping them to achieve the best results.   


OPTION A: Initial Session-$245 (Approx 2.5 hours)  fertility, digestive, prolapse, etc

What to expect:  

  • Detailed health history review
  • Castor oil pack administered to abdomen for detoxification and scar tissue reduction (This comes home with you to use)
  • Abdominal massage, AND soft tissue massage of the thoracic (supports digestion) & lumbar/sacral region (supports uterine ligaments)
  • A tutorial on how to do this technique on yourself (Imperative for optimal results)




OPTION B:  2- Part Session: Part 1- $145 (1.5 hrs)/Part 2-$145 (1.5 hrs) fertility, digestive, prolapses, etc

What to expect, Part A: (in person or virtual)

  • Detailed health history review
  • Castor oil pack administered to abdomen for detoxification and scar tissue reduction (in person only)
  • Receive abdominal massage

What to expect, Part B: (in person only)

  • Learn Self Care Massage for home care (Imperative for optimal results)
  • Receive abdominal massage
  • Receive posterior massage: thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, coccygeal balancing and corrections
  • Q & A 

Follow up sessions are 90 minutes and are hands-on massage and if indicated, guided meditations & vaginal/perineal steams will be included. Please see the Fertility Help page for details on fertility protocols and package discounts.


V-Steams, Castor Oil Packs and Guided Meditations/Virtual or In-Office: Relax in the comfort of your own home or in the space I offer designed to bring deep relaxation while you steam your pelvic floor or a take in a healing castor oil pack. During this time you will be taken on a healing journey with a guided meditation. Please call for more information.  

45 minutes-$70


Restorative Massage: Relax and Renew: The Restorative Massage experience is just that. Laurie draws from over two decades of hands-on experience, releasing tension & inspiring the body to open and receive while restoring balance within.

30 Minutes- $55

60 Minutes- $85

90 Minutes-$125




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