Come Discover the Blissful Feeling of Massage with therapist Laurie J. Freeman, LMT

What People are Saying

Self Care Trainings:

"I had very little expectation coming to this course. I was uncertain as to why it was really necessary [as a prerequisite for Professional Care Training]. I was greatly surprised at the outcome. The course is informative, challenging, and supportive of our work as individuals and as professionals.  Laurie is an excellent teacher: warm, loving, communicative and she creates a safe and sacred ground to enter into discussion and exploration of an area of the body that has mystified and confounded me for years. I would definitely recommend this to any woman."             M.S.

"Laurie puts her heart into her work with a tremendous amount of preparation, research, various teaching techniques and personal experience; her use of props made learning fun, engaging and drove the info into my head and heart. She is compassionate and flexible, accommodating and respectful, filling the workshop with her enthusiasm has heightened my excitement for more learning of Arvigo® and personal growth and service."  L.T.

"I think it's pretty obvious that this Arvigo® course exceeded everyone's expectations.  It was transformative. Again, my word, gratitude! Gratitude, gratitude.  Laurie and Courtney, you both created a safe and nurturing space for the group. The weekend training went full circle from being highly educational, supportive, intimate, fascinating, enlightening And fun!!!! Laurie, I’m still laughing at some of your jokes. You are hilarious, as well as being a fantastic teacher. I feel like I have a whole new understanding and respect of my own body now. I definitely feel more connected and curious to learn more. Thank you immensely."             K.P.  Montreal


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